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In the event of a tornado:

  1. If prior warning of a tornado is made, the safest place to evacuate to (a relocation to another internal portion of the building) is inside a designated exit stairwell or toward the center of the building, away from exterior walls and windows. Stair #1 and 2 can be used for shelter from a tornado. If you cannot get to a designated stairwell, protect yourself by taking cover under a desk, sturdy table or other piece of furniture. Hold on to whatever you are under. If taking cover under a sturdy piece of fur-niture is not possible, crouch inside a closet or against a sturdy interior wall and, facing out, bring your knees and hands up to protect yourself. Stay away (and face away) from windows. Stay away from anything that can shatter or fall on you (light fixtures, bookshelves, etc.). If possible, predetermine a safe location in which to take cover, prior to a tornado.
  2. Do not leave cover until the tornado has passed and an announcement has been heard stating that it is safe to do so.
  3. After a major tornado, evacuate the building if so directed by Emergency Personnel.
  4. Keep calm. Do not run outdoors. Watch for falling debris or electrical wires when leaving the building.
  5. If required to evacuate, proceed to the designated assembly area outside as di-rected by Emergency Personnel.
  6. If you require assistance to evacuate, remain in your current location and wait for assistance from Emergency Personnel.
  7. If fire occurs, activate the nearest fire alarm pull station as the system may still be functional. Follow the office building’s fire and evacuation procedures.
  8. If qualified, render first aid. If not qualified, assist those rendering or requiring first aid.
  9. Report any missing persons to Emergency Personnel, as they will relay information to building staff and the authorities.
  10. Telephones are to be reserved for emergency use only.

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