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In the event of a hurricane:

  1. In the event of a Hurricane Advisory, backup all critical data on media that you can take with you or access via the internet.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary supplies to prepare your office equipment for possible wind and water damage, such as large, thick plastic bags and fasteners; self-adhesive multi-colored dots or tape to label equipment and cables that you may need to disconnect; and sufficient media to perform backups.
  3. If an evacuation order has been given, make sure your backup media is secured and ready to be taken to an off-site location.
  4. Power down all electrical equipment such as computers, monitors, printers and speakers.
  5. Move equipment away from windows or areas prone to water or wind damage. If you need to disconnect components in order to move your computer, you may want to use colored dots or tape to color code the cables and their respective ports.
  6. Place equipment, manuals and other media in plastic bags and fasten.
  7. Store equipment in the highest possible locations in interior rooms. If your office is on the ground floor of the building, raise your equipment off the floor by placing it on pallets or by some other means. Consider moving the equipment to a higher floor if possible.
  8. Get a portable AM/FM radio if available and turn to local news station to monitor conditions.
  9. Gather up flashlights and turn them over to Emergency Personnel.
  10. Maintain a safe distance from windows and any unsecured objects.
  11. If windows break or it becomes evident that they may break due to high wind ve-locities, proceed to a safe location within the building.
  12. Follow the instructions of Emergency Personnel.
  13. If required to leave your floor space for another floor, use the stairwells and not the elevators, in case of a power failure.
  14. If road conditions are such that it would be dangerous to travel, make arrange-ments to stay at a local hotel. If necessary, be prepared to ride out the storm in the office building, at the discretion of Building Management.
  15. Keep telephone conversations to a minimum when advising family of your location and intentions for dealing with the storm.
  16. Notify Emergency Personnel of any damage or personal injuries.

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