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Shelter in Place

In the event that a Shelter-in-Place protocol is announced:

  1. Remain calm. The spread of unsubstantiated rumors will be counterproductive to a safe response.
  2. Follow the instructions of Emergency Personnel.
  3. Do not call Building Management at this time as they are busy initiating important shelter-in-place protocols.
  4. Do not leave the building until it is advised that is safe to do so. If you choose to leave before it is deemed safe, you will not be allowed back into the building. Those who wish to leave must use the exit stairwells to move between floors as the elevators will be off-limits.
  5. Use you’re personally or corporately provided internal response resources, such as food, water, medical, sanitation, personal, radios, batteries, communications equipment, etc., as needed.
  6. Elevators along with the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems will be shut down.
  7. If relocation to another part of the office building is required, follow the directions of Emergency Personnel.