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Fire & Evacuation Procedures

In the event of a fire:

  1. Get people out of immediate danger and close the door to the room or area.
  2. Activate the red alarm pull station and follow the 9-1-1 Protocol.
  3. Notify the occupants in your floor area, and vacate the floor via the nearest safe exit or stairwell.


If a person is on fire:

Smother fire by wrapping person in heavy fabric, e.g., coat, rug, curtain.

Do not run while on fire – running fans the fire.

At the sound of a fire alarm:

  1. All employees and visitors must follow the instructions of Emergency Personnel.
  2. If there are no Emergency Personnel nearby and no instructions have been given by Building Management or the Fire Department, evacuate out the near-est safe exit.


  1. Walk. Do not run. Shut all doors behind you and proceed along corridors and in stairwells in a quiet, orderly manner. Do not push or jostle. If smoke is heavily concentrated in the exit, do not attempt to exit by that means of egress, but pro-ceed to an alternate exit. Once outside, move away from the building to avoid falling debris and to allow the Fire Department unobstructed access.
  2. Proceed to the designated assembly area west of the building, along the east side of South Clark Street or as directed by Property Management, or the Fire Department.

Do not go back into the building for any reason unless the Fire Department has given permission to do so.

If you cannot safely reach an exit (Defend-in-Place):

  1. Stay low to avoid breathing in smoke and toxic gases.
  2. Retreat into a closed office space.
  3. Close all doors and other openings.
  4. Place clothing, paper or other soft material in gaps around closed doors.
  5. If a telephone is available, follow the 9-1-1 Protocol.
  6. If in an office with a window and materials are available, make a large ‘HELP’ sign. Include your suite and floor number. Hold the sign up to a win-dow that faces the street.
  7. Do not break windows as this will draw smoke and gas into the room.
  8. Remain calm; walls and standard doors provides a barrier against fire.

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