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Move in / Out Policies

  1. Sidewalks, doorways, halls, stairways, vestibules and other similar common areas shall not be obstructed by Tenants or used by them for purposes other than ingress to and egress from their respective leased spaces, and for traveling from one part of the property to another.
  2. Plumbing fixtures will be used only for their designated purpose. Please do not deposit any foreign substances of any kind. Damage to any plumbing fixture resulting from intentional misuse by a Tenant or any employee or invitee of a Tenant will be repaired at the Tenant’s expense.
  3. Nails, screws and other hardware or other attachments to the property require prior written consent from the landlord. No pictures or signs may be hung or adhered to the perimeter glass without landlord’s written permission.
  4. All contractors and technicians rendering installation services to the Tenant are subject to landlord approval and supervision prior to performing services. This applies to all work performed in the property, including but not limited to, installation of telecommunications equipment and electrical devices, as well as any installation affecting floors, walls, woodwork, windows, ceilings, and other permanent elements or temporary features of the property.
  5. Movement of furniture, office equipment or bulky objects which require ele-vators or stairways, property entrances or lobbies is restricted to reasonable hours established by the Landlord and performed under Landlord supervision. Only the Service Elevator can be used for this purpose. Prearrangements with the Landlord are required to determine the time, method, and rout-ing of the move. The Tenant assumes all risk and liability for damage and the cost of repairing or providing compensation for property or other damages, as well as injury to individuals or the public resulting from careless or injurious operations. The Landlord remains free from all liability for any and all acts or damages resulting from any Tenant movement activity.
  6. Corridor doors, when not in use, must be kept closed for fire safety and building energy efficiency purposes.
  7. Tenants will cooperate with the landlord in maintaining the leased premises. Within the limitations of its lease, Tenants will not employ any person, janitorial service, or contractor for the purpose of cleaning or maintaining the leased premises other than the property’s cleaning and maintenance personnel.
  8. Deliveries of water, soft drinks, newspapers, or other such items to any leased premises are restricted to reasonable hours established by the land-lord and made by use of the Service Elevator.
  9. Nothing shall be swept or thrown into the corridors, halls, elevator shafts or stairways. No birds, fish or animals of any kind are permitted on or in the property except service animals assisting individuals with disabilities.
  10. No cooking is permitted in the leased premises except in connection with convenience lunchroom or beverage service for employees and guests (on a noncommercial basis) in a manner which complies with all of the provisions of the lease which does not produce fumes or unreasonable odor.
  11. Placement of food, soft drink or other vending machines require prior written consent from landlord.
  12. Tenants will not use or keep any kerosene, gasoline, flammable or combus-tible fluid or material on the leased premises other than limited quantities reasonably necessary for the operation and maintenance of office equipment.
  13. Tenants will not tamper with or attempt to adjust thermostats controlling in-door temperature in their suite. The landlord will make thermostat adjust-ments when requested. The use of personal electric space heaters is prohib-ited.
  14. Tenants will comply with all requirements necessary to secure the leased premises, including the use of property issued access cards for all employees. Identification for Tenant visitors and signed property removal passes to remove Tenant items is also required.
  15. Landlord will furnish Tenants with a reasonable number of keys for entrance doors into the leased premises when their lease begins. Any additional keys will be available for a reasonable fee. All keys remain the property of the landlord. Additional locks are only permitted with prior written consent from the landlord. Manufacturing duplicate keys, except those provided by the landlord, is prohibited. Upon lease termination each Tenant will surrender all keys to the leased premises and give the landlord the combination to all locks for safes and vault doors, if any are installed in the leased premises.
  16. Canvassing, peddling, soliciting, and distribution of handbills on premises are prohibited. The 2611 South Clark Street property community and each individ-ual Tenant will cooperate to monitor and prevent solicitations.
  17. The hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

The Landlord reserves the right to rescind any rules and regulations or make future rules and regulations required for the safety, protection, and maintenance of the property; keeping the operation and preservation of the property and the protection and comfort of each Tenant, their employees and guests. Rules and regulations, when made or changed, will be communicated to Tenants by written notice and will remain legally binding as if originally included in this Tenant Manual. All rules and regulations, along with any amendments are uniformly applied and enforced at 2611 South Clark Street by the Property Management Office and property ownership.

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