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Conference Center

2611 Conference Room Options & Hospitality

Ground Floor includes large conference room with seating for 20, featuring a big screen television that can be used as a monitor for presentations, to view cable programming or Zoom calls. The Room is fully equipped with Wi-Fi and both Clickshare & HDMI cabling. In addition, there are two additional privacy/quiet rooms for phone calls, across the hall from the Conference Room. The ground floor also features a large kitchen with coffee machine and high-top seating in an area that includes a full-sized refrigerator, sink and dishwasher that is excellent for hosting events.

The kitchen opens up to the fenced-in outdoor Courtyard space with plenty of tables and chairs shaded by large umbrellas that also features an artificial grass area that is perfect for yard games! In addition to being a great setting for lunch, the Courtyard can be used for meetings and Tenant events.

Third Floor features a fully functioning library, 2 large conference rooms setup for video calls or team meetings, 3 private phone/quiet rooms, a lounge area that with a variety of seating options, an open kitchen with large refrigerator, 2 microwaves, an air-fryer and Cold Brew coffee on tap.

2611 Clark Conferencing Center Reservations

Submit and manage reservation requests through the Electronic Tenant Reservation System (opens in new window). All requests are immediately delivered to Property Management for review and action.

2611 Clark Conferencing Center Rules & Regulations

Thank you in advance for adhering to the following guidelines when enjoying the 2611 South Clark Street Conferencing Center:

Cleaning & Trash Removal

Each group must clean the 2611 Clark Conferencing Center at the end of their reservation. This includes but is not limited to removing all trash or debris, wiping up spills, removing paper, pens, and other items used for your event, leaving chairs, tables, and other furniture as you found them, rinsing out the sink, and removing all food. A cleaning crew will perform duties requiring specific supplies or equipment, such as vacuuming and sanitizing surfaces, but standard cleaning is the responsibility of the group using the 2611 Clark Conferencing Center.

No trash may be left on the floors, pantry area, small conference room, restrooms, in the sinks, or in any other area of the Premises after your event. Please contact Property Management for waste disposal. Any additional cleaning deemed necessary will be invoiced to the Tenant.

No Open Flame

Absolutely no open flames on site due to fire code regulations including Sterno food heaters – please use electric warmers instead. Additionally, no kerosene, gasoline, flammable or combustible fluid or material is permitted in the 2611 Clark Conferencing Center.

No Smoking or Vaping inside the Building

This includes smoking or vaping in restrooms, hallways, entryways, pantry area, storage areas, the 2611 Clark Conferencing Center, or within any part of the Premises.

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