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Cleaning & Janitorial

Cleaning and janitorial services are provided as stated in each individual Tenant lease as well as in Common Areas

General Cleaning

  • Damp mop ceramic tile, granite and terrazzo flooring in building entrance foyers.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and rugs on occupied floors.
  • Empty and clean wastepaper baskets, receptacles, etc. Damp dust as necessary.
  • Remove wastepaper and waste materials to a designated area in the building. Tenant receptacles shall be standardized to accommodate a uniform trash bag, whenever possible.
  • Wash drinking fountains and coolers.
  • Keep building lockers and service closets in clean and orderly condition.
  • Sweep and damp mop flooring as necessary.
  • Building entrance floor mats shall be vacuumed.
  • Floor in elevator cabs will be properly maintained.

Base Building Lavatories

  • Sweep and damp mop flooring with approved germicidal detergent solution.
  • Wash and polish mirrors, shelves, bright work, etc., including flush meters, piping, and toilet seat hinges.
  • Wash both sides of toilet seats, basins and bowls, and urinals with brush and approved germicidal detergent solution.
  • Dust partitions.
  • Empty and clean towel and sanitary disposal receptacles.
  • Remove wastepaper and refuse to a designated area in the building.
  • Fill toilet tissue, soap (with first quality liquid soap), sanitary napkin, seat cover and towel dispensers with supplies.

Additional services can be arranged by calling the Property Management Office at (703) 418-2012 and are invoiced upon completion of your request.

Janitorial Services

Empty boxes must be flattened and stacked within your office space and clearly marked as “trash” in order to designate the cardboard for removal and disposal. Removal and disposal of any other trash which does not fit into standard trash receptacles must be coordinated through the Property Management Office. Login to the Building Engines (opens in new window) portal to use the Work Order form to submit your request.

Standard janitorial services provided to Tenants at 2611 South Clark Street do not include kitchen or office housekeeping such as washing of dishes, glasses, coffee pots, utensils, or the cleaning of refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, or other kitchen appliances located in your office suite. These are special services available through the Property Management Office for an additional charge. Tenants will not employ any janitorial service or individual(s) to clean other than the janitorial contractor serving the Building without the expressed written permission of the Property Management Office. The work of the janitorial service can be completed at any time the premises are vacant and will not be performed if impeded by Tenant activities after 6:00 PM. Cleaning of windows, doors, fixtures and bathrooms in common areas (outside of leased premises) may be cleaned at any time.

Please contact the Property Management Office with comments or concerns regarding the quality or scope of the cleaning performed in your office or any common areas.

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